Take the high ground

Whether you are in Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon or elsewhere in France and Europe: Rhin'nove Stand takes care of the creation of your floor stand. Renowned throughout the trade fairs of France and the bordering countries, we create solid and attractive stands to ensure you a greater number of visitors at each event.

Gain visibility at trade shows by opting for your floor stand, whose design was created by Rhin'nove. Ask our professionals for more information on the sale of stands for trade shows and exhibitions.

Take the high ground with our floor stands

Private space, place away from prying eyes or simply doubling your exhibition area: the floor stand is the product you need. Its high structure has several advantages:

  • it allows you to be seen from afar, because it exceeds the other stands
  • it stands out from other exhibitors
  • it creates additional space, ideal for customer meetings or to display additional products

This mezzanine stand is built taking into account the safety standards, but also the image of your brand. It can take different forms and be accessible in different ways.

The Rhin'nove floor stands

Our team of designers is entirely at your disposal and delivers stands in the shortest possible time. Take advantage of our graphic designer's know-how to obtain a floor stand design in accordance with your identity and your values.

Calling on Rhin'nove for your floor stands assures you a work done with meticulousness and care. We do everything possible to design stands that meet your expectations.


Customized individual stands


1 graphic designer for visually attractive and unique stands


Specialized team entirely dedicated to the design of stands

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Stands built throughout France and Europe

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