Group various skills under the same banner to benefit from a global attractiveness

Have a collective stand built anywhere in France and Europe with our company Rhin'nove. Located in Rhinau, near Strasbourg, we build stands from Paris to Bordeaux, through Lyon, but also the largest cities in border countries (Switzerland, Germany, Spain ...).

With our experience we are able to design quality stands for all your events: stands for trade shows, exhibition stands, fair stands... Efficient and competent our team is at your disposal for all your creations or questions about our stands.

Collective stands : alone is good, with others is best

Our company Rhin'nove manufactures custom-made collective stands. Similar to individual stands, collective stands allow several entities to be present on the same stand.

Collective stands are generally appreciated by CCI, training centers or regions. Thus, the different identities of the same group are visually displayed and grouped together in a common place within an event.

We propose to design your collective stand from A to Z to guarantee a complete and neat work. You are several exhibitors on the same stand? The Rhin'nove collective stand is the one you need!

Choosing a Rhin'nove collective stand

The design of your stand aims to create a visual impact around a common identity and the strengths of each of your exhibitors. Visuals, lights, carpets, stand furniture: every detail is thought out to create quality collective stands. Our team of experts is entirely dedicated to your project.

Rhin'nove not only builds your collective stand, we also study all the details to make your visit to the show a real graphic and social experience.



Customized collective stands


1 graphic designer for visually attractive and unique stands


Specialized team entirely dedicated to the design of stands

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Stands built all over France and Europe

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